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Shackles Supplier In Australia

LiftQuip Australia are stockists of top-quality shackles to meet the needs of various industries. Our extensive range ensures that we cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, guaranteeing safety, reliability, and durability for every application.

Our Shackle Offerings

As a premier shackle and soft shackle supplier in Australia, LiftQuip Australia has got you covered.

Our supplied shackles are available in multiple grades, including commercial, S, and M, ensuring they have the strength and durability you require. We also offer stainless steel shackles for those looking for corrosion resistance, particularly in marine applications.

All our shackles adhere to Australian and international safety standards. From the compact to the extensive, our shackle selection caters to every need:

Commercial Shackle

Commercial Shackles

General-purpose shackles designed for non lifting applications and tethering needs. Balanced durability and affordability for standard applications


Green Pin Shackles

High-grade shackles identifiable by their signature green pin. Synonymous with superior strength and safety for heavy-duty tasks.

Yellow Pin Safety Bow Shackle (2)

Safety Pin Lifting Shackles

Secure lifting shackles featuring a safety pin mechanism. Minimises risks of accidental releases in high-movement operations.

Bow Shackle Yellow Screwpin
Shackle pic

Screw Pin Lifting Shackles

Quick-fasten shackles ideal for temporary lifts. Efficient and robust with easy attachment and detachment.

Stainless Steel Shackles

Corrosion-resistant shackles made from high-grade stainless steel. Perfect for marine or aggressive environments.

Shackles FAQ

What Are Shackles Used For?

Shackles are U-shaped metal pieces, often paired with a pin or bolt, used primarily in lifting operations and for fastening equipment.

What Is The Difference Between Bow And Dee Shackles?

Bow (or Anchor) shackles have a larger, rounded shape and are designed for multi-directional load applications. Dee shackles (or Chain shackles) have a straighter, narrower profile, making them ideal for straight-line pulls or lifts.

How Often Should I Inspect My Shackles?

It’s vital to inspect shackles before each use. Look for signs of wear, deformation, and corrosion. You should also schedule regular, thorough inspections based on frequency of use and working conditions.

Can I Use A Shackle In Any Orientation?

No. Shackles are designed for specific load directions. Side-loading a shackle can reduce its strength significantly. Always ensure the shackle is used appropriately for its design.

How Do I Choose The Right Shackle For My Needs?

Consider factors like the type of load, the direction of the load, environmental conditions (such as marine or industrial), and any specific requirements such as corrosion resistance. If you need recommendations and clarifications, get in touch with our team for further guidance.

Why Choose LiftQuip?

  80 Years Of Combined Experience

We have extensive experience and involvement in Australia’s Crane & Lifting Industry.

High-Quality Lifting Equipment

We are an authorised distributor of world-leading shackles manufacturers, height safety products, and hoisting equipment.

Experienced & Personalised Service

Our full-service offering includes on-site inspection, testing, and in-house manufacturing for all your industry needs.

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