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Hand Winches In Australia

Whether you’re looking for a replacement boat trailer winch or an inexpensive hand winch to lift lighter loads, LiftQuip has you covered. We provide an extensive range of portable winches in Australia to suit your needs. We source our hand winches in Australia from reputable brands such as Jarrett, ensuring they all meet Australian Standards.

Types Of Hand Winches

A brief look at the types of portable winches in Australia that we provide:

Boat Trailer Winches

A boat trailer winch is a device for attaching a boat to a trailer. The boat trailer winch is attached to a steel ring on the bow of a boat. As the cable is cranked back onto the spool, the boat is pulled onto the trailer.

Our heavy-duty boat trailer winches are made of high-quality materials to ensure a smooth loading and launching process.

Do keep in mind that boat trailer winches are not designed to be used as a tie-down device.

Brake Winches

You can use a brake hand winch for various lifting and hoisting tasks, including lifting and pulling heavy loads such as machinery and construction material.

Our brake hand winches in Australia are high-quality and portable, making them ideal for use in a variety of work environments.

Wire Rope Recovery Winch

Wire rope recovery winches are highly versatile to safely lift, pull, lower or stretch loads over long distances, and in horizontal, vertical, or angled working positions. They can be used in various configurations and are an ideal solution for professional applications.

Hand Winches In Australia FAQ

What Are Hand Winches?

A hand winch is a mechanical device used to lift or pull moderate-to-heavy loads; it is manually operated by a person.

How To Choose The Right Hand Winch For You

Hand winches can be used in several lifting and pulling operations and work environments, especially in cases where a powered winch would be hard to operate. If you would like to learn more about the hand winches in Australia, what we have available and which suits you best, contact us today.

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