Wire Rope Supplier Adelaide

LiftQuip Australia can offer industry leading solutions for all of your Crane and Winch Wire Rope requirements.

Offering industry leading brands such as CASAR, Bridon, and Oliveira, we can provide solutions for hoist, auxiliary and winch line ropes on:

  • All Terrain Mobile Cranes
  • Articulating Mobile Cranes
  • Rough Terrain Mobile Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Barge Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes
  • Truck Cranes
  • Spider Cranes
  • Overhead Bridge and Gantry Cranes
  • Jib Cranes

We can also provide Mine Winding Rope options for Shaft Winders.

With a full range of accessories as well as on site and in house services, you can trust LiftQuip Australia for all of your Crane and Winch Wire Rope requirements and to get you lifting or shifting again safely