ALFRA TML Lifting Magnets

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Introducing the ALFRA TML Magnetic Lifting System, a smarter way to lift, move, position, align and transport metal sheet and piped product. 

ALFRA’s patented TML technology, which stands for ‘Thin Material Lifting’, generates an enormous holding force, even on extremely thin-walled magnetic material, allowing handling of materials with a thickness as low as 2mm. Due to the higher holding forces TML produces, ALFRA is able to design and manufacture lifting magnets that weigh up to 70% less than comparable products on the market. As a result, ALFRA Lifting Magnets are much lighter and easier to handle in the workplace.

Made in Germany, ALFRA has design and manufactured industrial products for more than 100 years and has a reputation for outstanding quality and product innovation.


  • Load swivel pivots 180° and rotates 360°
  • Able to activate and use with one hand.
  • Hardened steel bottom plate with TiN-coating eliminates the need to regrind the magnet’s bottom plate and thus reduces maintenance.
  • Slight premagnetisation for the easy positioning of the magnet.
  • Magnets can be customised thanks to additional connection threads inside the housing.
  • New design allowing for the use of the magnet even between the flanges of a steel beam.
  • The magnetic field concentrates directly on the material and reduces scattering losses to a minimum.
  • Magnets allow welding at a distance of just 15 mm (9/16?) from the magnet‘s external side.


Load Lifting – Flat Steel

Max. load-bearing capacity50kg100kg250kg500kg1,000kg
Breakaway force> 300kg on 6mm steel S235 (without adapter plate)> 300kg on 6mm steel S235> 750kg on 10mm steel S235> 1,500kg on 15mm steel S235> 3,400kg on 12mm steel S235
Min. material thickness1mm1mm2mm2mm2mm
Dead weight1.6kg1.7kg 3.5kg7.3kg18.0kg
Dimensions LxW126 x 80mm82.5 x 80mm191 x 71mm265 x 118mm403 x 103mm


Load Lifting – Round Steel

ModelTMH 50 RTML 90 RTML 400 R
Pipe diameter25 - 200mm25 - 200mm50 - 400 mm
Max. load-bearing capacity50kg*90kg*400kg*
Breakaway force> 270kg on 6mm steel S234> 270kg on 6mm steel S235> 1,200kg on 15mm steel S235
Min. material thickness1mm1mm2mm
Dead weight1.6kg1.8kg8.2kg
Dimensions LxW126 x 80mm82.5 x 80mm265 x 118mm

*Max. load-bearing capacity on round pipes: 20 – 50 % of flat material subject to pipe diameter and material thickness.