Beam Anchors

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BA 004 Beam Anchor

This I-Beam Clamp is one of the lightest and nimblest of its kind. Beyond its unmatched weight, the clamp incorporates a variety of unique components – all resulting in superior performance. Aluminum flange hooks with bronze inserts make the clamp exremely sturdy, and drastically reduce friction from sliding along the I-Beam. A solid steel design and 7-series aluminum support rod give the beam anchor optimum strength. An alloy steel 360° swivel D-ring allows for ultimate freedom when connected to a lanyard or attachment. Lightweight design doesn’t mean lightweight handling.

Technical Information
Maximum Flange Width 350mm
Minimum Flange Width100mm
Maximum Flange Thickness28mm
Adjustment TypeTwist Lock
Material Specifications
Suport Bar Aluminium Alloy
Flange Hook Alluminium Alloy
Flange Insert Aluminium Bronze
Pawl Zinc Plated Zinc Plated Alloy Steel
Swivel D-Ring Zinc Plated Alloy SteelZinc Plated Alloy Steel
Flange Stops Stainless Steel
D-Ring Mount Stainless Steel
Mount Screw Steel

BA 005 Beam Anchor

MIO Quick Fix Beam Anchor (patent pending) is designed to create a temporary fixed anchorage for personal fall protection systems on vertical I and H beams. This unit installs in seconds without tools. Quick to install via incorporated unique sliding/ tightening mechanism. Anchor fits I-beam flanges from 10 to 35.5cm wide and up to 3.1cm thick.

  • Installs easily
  • Adjustable in seconds
  • Provides vertical anchorage
  • Provides an anchor point for personal fall protection and horizontal lifeline systems
  • Comes in either high grade aluminum or stainless steel
  • Rated at 2,268kg
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI requirements.
Technical Information
Type Vertical
Maximum Flange Width 350mm
Minimum Flange Width 100mm
Maximum Flange Thickness 31mm
Adjustment Type Pin/Screw
Rating 22kN