Clevis Master Set Pewag VXKW 4



This clevis master set eliminates the need for an additional connecting element as the chain may be attached directly to the captive coupling of the shortening element.


  • Flattened section enables universal connecting options
  • The hook functions both as a connecting link and a shortening element
  • Easily assembled and disassembled, and so needs no special tools
  • Comes with CE-marking and BG-approval
  • The coupling pin and lock pin also available as a spare parts set


  • EN818-4


Code/Typee (mm)d (mm)t (mm)W (mm)Weight (kg)
VXKW 4-523813110601.43
VXKW 4-627319135752.17
VXKW 4-735223160904.99
VXKW 4-835223160905.05
VXKW 4-10424271801008.88
VXKW 4-135183320011017.50
VXKW 4-166333626014029.74