Coil Tether


The Coil Tether is engineered to stay out of the way when not in use and provide versatility and access when the attached tool is required.

Lightweight carabiners on each end feature swivel heads for ultimate manoeuvrability without snags or tangles.

The extra-thick PU coating on the Coil Tether prevents kinking and is resistant to heat and sharp edges.

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  • Available with single action (H01068) or dual action (H01069) carabiners
  • Suitable for holsters, belts, pouches and harnesses.
  • Two light weight carabiners.
  • Made with a low profile and light weight design.
  • Works with tether-ready scaffold key.
  • Extra thick PU coated stainless steel coil.
  • Heat and cut resistant.


Single-Action CarabinersDual-Action Carabiners
Minimum Length (cm)4050
Maximum Length (cm)160170
Maximum Load (kg)1.02.3


  • ANSI / ISEA 121-2018