Coil Wrist Tether Non-Conductive


The Coil Wrist Tether Single-Action Non-Conductive (H01062) is engineered to stay out of the way when not in use and provide versatility and access when the attached tool is required.

Lightweight single-action non-conductive poly clips feature swivel heads for ultimate manoeuvrability without snags or tangles.

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  • Suitable for holsters, belts, pouches and harnesses.
  • Two light weight single action poly clips.
  • Low profile and lightweight design.
  • Works with tether-ready scaffold key.
  • Extra thick PU coating.
  • Heat and abrasion resistant.


  • Min Length: 17cm
  • Max Length: 77cm
  • Max Load: 1.0kg
  • Dual poly clips
  • Non-Conductive