Dockline Prepack



Donaghys Nylon Dock lines have a water-resistant coating to prevent strength loss that occurs when wet.

Higher twisting of yarns and strands produces a denser, rounder rope with a high abrasion resistance that is less likely to snag.

Controlled manufacturing ensures a line that is well balanced, torque-free and won’t unlay under heavy loading.


  • 10mm in 4.6m and 7.5m lengths
  • 12mm and 16mm in 4.6m, 7.5m and 10.7m lengths
  • 20mm in 5m and 11m lengths
  • Black colour


  • Mooring
  • Docking


  • Convenient pre pack lengths with spliced eye
  • High strength shock absorbing nylon core
  • Water resistant coating to prevent strength loss when wet
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Well balanced, torque free and won’t unlay under heavy loading
  • Soft and easy to handle, cleat and coil