Enlarged Clevis Master Set-1



The MW master ring and the welded-in KRW captive coupling are the perfect pair for creating I-leg chain slings with Pewag KMGW 1 in the assembled system.

The chain is mounted directly into the coupling, therefore eliminating the need for an additional connecting link.


  • Flattened section enables universal connecting options
  • Easily assembled and disassembled, therefore needing no special tools
  • Enlarged internal dimensions make it suitable for the next size up crane hook
  • Comes with CE-marking
  • The coupling pin and lock pin also available as a spare parts set


  • EN818-4


Code/Typee (mm)d (mm)t (mm)w (mm)Weight
KMGW 1-6 (1) 15114120700.63
KMGW 1-71631412070-
KMGW 1-818316140800.91
KMGW 1-1021219160951.53
KMGW 1-13234231701052.58
KMGW 1-16265271901104.14
KMGW 1-19/2032433230130-
KMGW 1-2237738275150-
(1) May also be used with a 5mm chain if load capacity is adjusted accordingly