ERGO Webbing Lanyards

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  • Designed to minimise the forces endured by an operator if a fall were to take place
  • Features back up straps should full deployment of the tear web occur
  • Includes heavy duty, alloy steel, corrosion resistant components
  • High strength polyester webbing


  • AS/NZS 1891.1 2007


CodeTypeMaterialLengthFitting at Shock AbsorberFitting at Free End(s)Weight
3051Shock AbsorberWebbing0.45mK2 KarabinerK2 Karabiner720g
3053Single LegWebbing1.8mH1 Snap HookH1 Snap Hook1070g
3053 K4Single LegWebbing1.8mK4 KarabinerK4 Karabiner960g
3054Single LegWebbing1.2mH1 Snap HookH1 Snap Hook1050g
3054 K4Single LegWebbing1.2mK4 KarabinerK4 Karabiner940g
3055Single LegWebbing1.8mH1 Snap HookH3 Scaffold Hook1320g
3055 K4Single LegWebbing1.8mK4 KarabinerH3 Scaffold Hook1265g
3058Twin LegWebbing1.8mH1 Snap HookH3 Scaffold Hook2035g
3058 K4Twin LegWebbing1.8mK4 KarabinerK4 Karabiner1490g
3053ASingle Leg AdjustableWebbing0.75 - 1.8H1 Snap HookH1 Snap Hook1220g
3055ASingle Leg AdjustableWebbing0.75 - 1.8H1 Snap HookH3 Scaffold Hook1470g
3058ATwin Leg AdjustableWebbing0.75 - 1.8H1 Snap HookH3 Scaffold Hook2335g