Essential Safety Harness H101




  • Pebble Weave Webbing design gives maximum grip for buckles, removing webbing slippage and the need for continual re-adjustment
  • High Tenacity UV stabilised webbing improves resistance to solvents and UV light degradation
  • Retro Reflective Thread in the webbing improves visibility in low light
  • Large Dorsal D Ring to make for easier connection
  • The Closed Loop Webbing system on the rear Dorsal D maintains position of Dorsal D in the event of a fall. This significantly reduces the risk of injury from hardware hitting the back of worker’s head
  • Extended Belay Loops makes the connection of hardware easier, and maintains absolute front and centre positioning as per AS/NZS requirements
  • Sub Pelvic Strap integration along the line of Belay Loops places the worker away from hardware in the event of a fall, significantly reducing the risk of injury from hardware hitting the worker
  • An Articulated Chest Strap and shoulder adjustment points are designed for additional user comfort and female users, due to the lower position of the strap
  • Padding under the buckles
  • Service Pouch on back
  • AUS / NZ designed and engineered
  • 10 year life span from the date of manufacture


  • Fall Arrest
  • Construction
  • Ladder
  • Scaffolding
  • Warehouse


  • Small
  • Standard (M – L)
  • Maxi (XL – 2XL)


  • AS / NZS 1891.1:2007
  • BMP 713822
  • BMP 713823


  • Webbing Material:  Polyester, 45mm, UV Resilient
  • Buckle Material:  Corrosion resistant electrophoresis, high tensile lightweight alloy steel
  • Fall Arrest Hardware:  Drop Forged corrosion resistant electrophoresis, high strength alloy steel
  • Thread:  Polyester, 9.81 Newtons (10kg), Extension at break 19.5%
  • Stitch Pattern:  THETA Pattern combines 313 stitches to exceed 38kN of strength, AS / NZ compliant colour contrast
  • Plastic Material:  UV stabilised high density polyethylene
  • Weight:  1.1kg
  • Web Tenacity:  Range – Min 28kN – Max 30kN
  • Drop Forged D Rings:  Alloy Steel (standard): 40kN
  • Buckle Strength:  12 to 17kN model dependent, Laser etched or hard marked on the buckle