Fork Extension Slippers FE

Designed to extend the length of fork tines and versatility of your forklift truck.

The slimline profile FE Fork Extension Slippers are designed and manufactured in accordance with AS 2359.15.


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  • Supplied with toggle locking pins for securing to tines
  • Fitted with rating plate
  • Optioned up to 16T capacity
  • Zinc finish


  • AS2359.15


ModelVolume Load Limit
Load Centre
Max Tine Size
FE1-1625005001600100 X 45960
FE1-1825005001780100 X 451068
FE1-2025005002000100 X 451200
FE1-2425005002400100 X 451440
FE2-1640005001600130 X 50960
FE2-1840005001780130 X 501068
FE2-2040005002100130 X 501260
FE2-2440005002400130 X 501440
FE3-1650005001600155 X 55960
FE3-1850005001780155 X 551068
FE3-2050005002100155 X 551260
FE3-2450005002400155 X 551440
FE3-3050005003000155 X 551800
FE4-1880006001780160 X 651068
FE4-2080006002100160 X 651260
FE4-2480006002400160 X 651440
FE4-3080006003000160 X 651800

NOTE: Measure Fork arm to ensure correct fit

Slippers used for general usage should be no longer than 167% of the supporting Tine’s length. If the Slippers are longer than 167%, then the usage of those Slippers shall be restricted to their specified application. All slippers sold as a pair.