Flexline 12 Dockline



Donaghys Flexline is an attractive 12 strand black Polyester docking braid with an abrasion protective coating.

Hollow in construction, this braid is highly efficient and simple to splice.


  • 16mm, 18mm & 24mm in 220m coils
  • Made to order
  • Also available in 8mm – 14mm, 20mm, 28mm – 60mm made to order on request
  • Note that in relaxed state, these braids physically measure approx 6/8mm larger than states.


  • Mooring / docking lines
  • Anchor warps
  • Fibre rope tails
  • Towing lines
  • Lanyards
  • Fender lines


  • Equivalent wet/dry strength, does not shrink
  • Highly efficient and simple to splice
  • Soft feel torque and kink resistant
  • UV and abrasion resistant