FLUONIT Fluoroelastomer Chemical Glove

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  • Fluoroelastomer is a high performance polymer, and so is recommended for long term contact with aromatic solvents, sulphur based chemicals and amines.
  • A thick and flexible glove due to the multi layered technology
  • The nitrile inner layer gives better mechanical resistance as well as a longer service life
  • Has a green inner layer which is a wear indicator, thus giving greater user safety

Recommended and Industry Uses

  • Surface treatment of metals when using acids
  • Handling acids such as Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Etching and degreasing
  • Handling battery acid
  • Resin and adhesive manufacture
  • Petrochemical refining
  • Chemical transport and handling
  • Chemical manufacturing plants

Colour / Fit / Size

  • M, L, XL


  • EN388