Gotcha™ Original Rescue Kit



This kit was the first pre-assembled remote rescue kit. It is designed for rescuing a suspended casualty from fall arrest lanyards, rope safety lines as well as fall arrest blocks, all possible from a point of safety.

Casualties can either be raised or lowered to the nearest point of safety. Casualties are initially raised to release their original attachment preventing the need for cutting. The kit comes complete with an anchor sling which can attach to a wide range of structures. All terminations are sewn in to ensure security.

The kit is adaptable for different heights of anchor point, as well as being colour coded for simplicity. The kit also has an extension pole used for remote attachment. There is also included the Grabba for rapid rescue from rope safety lines as well as fall arrest blocks.

Kit Contains

  • Upper and lower pulleys
  • Gotcha™ Frog
  • Attachment pole
  • Rope controller
  • Rescue rope that meets Australian Standards
  • Rope Grabba (for inertia reels)
  • Attachment sling
  • Karabiners
  • Back pack gear bag