Hand Drive Rods

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Hulk Earth Anchors can be driven into the ground using a sledge hammer or post driver by hand. This method is ideally suited to installations of smaller Hulk Earth Anchors as well as installations of limited quantities.

Although installation with a hand smasher rod is more labour intensive than powered installations, the Hulk Hand Smasher solution negates the need for powered installation equipment. This makes possible anchor installations on sites with difficult access, with no access to electricity or alternate power sources. With smaller numbers of anchors to install the Hand Smasher rod saves the costs associated with purchasing or hiring additional installation gear such as Jackhammers, hydraulic power packs, air compressors or the like.

Hulk Hand Smasher rods are available for installation of Hulk HP25, HP35 and H Range earth anchors.


  • The unique benefit of the H range of earth anchors is that the H50, H80 and H110 models all use the same driving rod.  This means no additional rods are required when switching to a different anchor size within the H Range.
  • Hand smasher rods are also re-usable.  They are removed from the ground after the anchor has been hammered to its required depth.


  • 600mm – For HP25 Anchor
  • 1000mm – For HP35 Anchor
  • 1300mm – For H50, H80 and H110 Anchors