JDN Hydraulic Hoists PROFI

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The JDN Hydraulic PROFI Hoist can be deployed as an alternative to air driven units in all situations where hydraulic lines, central hydraulic systems or hydraulic power supplies exist. The carrying capacities vary from 3 tonne up to 100 tonne and these hoists work with an intake pressure of 130 bar.


  • Manufactured in Germany, under strict quality control with demanding tolerances.
  • Ideal for applications in explosion risk areas.
  • Sensitive, infinitely variable speed control of lifting / lowering and travelling motions.
  • Extremely low noise emissions.
  • Fully enclosed highly robust gear motor.
  • Integrated overload protection.
  • Only two supply connections at hoist ‘P’ and ‘T’, leakage oil drained internally.
  • Controlled load-lowering up to 20 tonne carrying capacities in the event of oil supply failure.


  • AS1418.2


Model3 TI-H6 TI-H10 TI-H16 TI-H20 TI-H
Weight with standard lift height (kg)90114160224289
Weight of chain (kg/m)
Standard Lift (m)33333
Rated Capacity (tonne)3.26.3101620
No. of chain strands12234
Motor TypeKM 1/16KM 1/16KM 1/16KM 1/16KM 1/16
Motor Power (kW)
Lowering speed at full load (m/min)
Lifting speed at full load (m/min)421.20.80.6
Length of control as standard lift (m)22222
Intake Volume (L/min)4848484848
Intake Pressure (bar)130130130130130
Chain Dimension (mm)13 x 3613 x 3616 x 4516 x 4516 x 45
Model3 TI-H6 TI-H10 TI-H16 TI-H20 TI-H
A (smallest headroom)5936748138981030
(A) Chain buckets increase the hoist headroom
(F) up to hook centre, without chain container