Wire Rope Recovery Winch




  • Extremely versatile to safely lift, pull, lower or stretch loads over long distances
  • Can be used in horizontal, vertical or angled working positions
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • High strength alloy housing with durable chrome finish thus giving protection against rust
  • All internal components are galvanised
  • It has a unique wire rope reeler which then allows for easier and safer rope storage
  • The rope gripping system is easily disengaged, therefore allowing smooth installation of the wire rope
  • The reliable parallel gripping system has a large surface contact area which then provides an evenly distributed grip at a lower force
  • Built in overload protection by a shear pin arrangement in the forward lever
  • Broken shear pins can be replaced without removing the load
  • Spare shear pins are supplied with units
  • Equipped with an anchor bolt,  it then offers numerous connection possibilities with wire ropes and chain slings
  • Swivel hooks are available for replacing anchor bolts as and when required


  • AS1418.2


  • 0.8t – 3.2t


Stock CodePPL080PPL160PPL320
Rated Lifting Capacity (t)
Rated Pulling Capacity (t)
Rope Advance per Full Stroke Cycle (mm)>52>55>28
Operating Effort at Rated Load (kg)294045
Telescopic Handle Length (mm)80011201120
Anchor Pin Diameter (mm)222530
Net Weight without Rope (kg)7.51626
Diameter of Wire Rope (mm)8.511.516.5
Standard Wire Rope Length (m)202020
Net Wt. of Wire Rope & Collector (kg)81424