PLAW Alpha Lifting Point




  • 360° rotatable
  • Load ring can be positioned at any required angle
  • Spring and hexagonal screw are replaceable
  • Made from 10.9 grade material
  • Crack tested
  • Covered with a chromate VI-free corrosion protection agent
  • Marked with load capacity and thread size
  • Able to withstand a 4-fold safety factor against break in all directions
  • Mark with individual serial number
  • Metric or UNC-thread
  • Metric available with custom thread lengths
  • Comes with operating manual

Permitted usage

For load capacities in the permitted directions of pull, please refer to the load capacity table.

Non-permitted usage

During assembly, ensure that improper loading cannot arise due to any of the following factors:

  • Direction of pull is obstructed.
  • Direction of pull is not within the indicated area.
  • Loading ring rests against edges or loads.

The load ring must be placed in the direction of pull before loading – do not turn under load! For additional details and information, please refer to the full operating manual.

Calculating the required thread length (L)

L = H + S + K + X
H = Material height
S = Thickness of the washer
K = Height of the nut (depending on the thread size of the screw)
X = Excess length of the screw (twofold pitch of the screw)
L max. = n max.

In addition to the standard and maximum thread lengths, pewag also offers cut-to-length thread lengths. Customised and maximum thread lengths come with a washer and a crack-tested, corrosion-proofed screw nut.