Rope Grabs

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Rope Grabs

The P571/8 and P571/10 are guided type fall arresters for use with galvanised steel wire rope and requires no manual adjustment while in use. The length of lanyard used between the fall arrester and harness including 2 karabiners and shock absorber should be 46cms.

FP571/8 Rope Grab
TypeType 1 Automatic
Application Vertical
Rope Diameter8mm
Rope Type Wire
Maximum Static Strength 15kN for 3 minutes
Maximum Arrest Load 5.8kN
Weight 474g
Number of Workers 1
Lifespan5 years with inspection
ConstructionStainless Steel

The FP561 is a simple to use fall arrester that has a smooth sliding action which allows hands free operation. With a park feature, this rope grab is designed for dorsal or sternal D-ring attahment with a full body harness.

FP561 Rope Grab
Type Type 1 Automatic
Application Vertical
Rope Diameter 16mm
Rope Type Nylon 3 Strand
Maximum Capacity 140kg
Maximum Arrest Load 8kN
Number of Workers 1
Weight 0.77g
Dimensions 100 x 60 x 130mm
Ring Opening/Ring Thickness 30mm/4.6mm
Construction Plated Steel
RF1 Rope Grab
TypeType 1 Manual
Application Horizontal
Rope Diameter 12mm
Rope TypeNylon Kermantle
Maximum Capacity
Maximum Arrest Load 15kN
Weight 365g
Dimensions 115 x 85mm