Single Leg Webbing Lanyard WL01

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  • 2M Webbing Lanyard
  • WLO1- Single Leg Webbing Lanyard + hardware (see list below)
  • An exclusive Extended Length Energy Absorber (ELEA) designed to protect a worker of up to 160kg including tools and equipment.
  • Drop forged lanyard hardware
  • Drop forged D Transition point doubles as a spare leg stowage point
  • Unique THETA stitch pattern has 423 stitches resulting in a strength that matches the lanyard’s webbing strength.
  • Australian designed, engineered, and made.
  • Webbing Tenacity = 33kN.
  • THETA stitch pattern (equals 3300kg strength). Engineered to match webbing strength to ensure no weak point in the harness assembly.
  • Contrast stitch thread colour for easy inspection
  • Custom lengths available on request


  • AS / NZS 1891.1:2007
  • BMP 713822
  • BMP 713823


  • Webbing Material:  Polyester, 45mm, UV Resilient, Solvent Resistant
  • Fall Arrest Hardware:  Drop Forged corrosion resistant electrophoresis, high strength alloy steel
  • Stitch Pattern:  THETA Pattern combines 423 stitches to exceed 33kN of strength, AS / NZ compliant colour contrast
  • Web Tenacity:  Range – Min 28kN – Max 30kN

Lanyard Hardware

For complete Code add Lanyard & Hardware Code together