Special 4 Leg Master Set Pewag VAW



If safety is your strongest argument, you can‘t do better than choose this IV-leg master link assembly with extra-large transition links for assembling your chain slings.


  • The flattened section enables universal connecting options
  • Enlarged transition links
  • For use in rope slings, please note that load capacity is indicated with safety factor 4!
  • Comes with CE-marking as well as BG-approval


  • EN1677-4


Code/TypeFits on single hook acc. DIN 15401 no.Fits on double hook acc. DIN 15402 no.e (mm)t (mm)w (mm)Weight (kg)
VAW 6/756245135751.72
VAW 868270160902.66
VAW 108103151801004.30
VAW 1310123802001109.06
VAW 16162046026014014.53
VAW 19/20324062535019031.51
VAW 22324069035019042.19
VAW 26324075040020056.40
VAW 32506386046025099.02