Superspeed PDF

Hotdog only available in 2mm & 3mm and in 100m reels

Solid Colours with black fleck only available in 100m reels

8mm Mottle also available in 150m reels

10mm & 12mm Mottle also available in 200m reels

All other Mottle only available in 100m reels


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Superspeed is Donaghys’ new and improved Spectraspeed, designed to provide the optimum performance for the competitive sailor. Manufactured to minimise stretch.


  • 2mm – 12mm
  • 100m reels
  • Available in Hotdog (2mm-3mm), Solid colour (Blue, Red, Fluro Yellow, Gold) with Black fleck or Mottled
  • Mottle colours also available in 8mm x 150m, 10mm & 12mm in 200m reels
  • Bulk rigger reels or cartons and larger diameters up to 40mm available on request
  • Custom colour options including Dark Grey, Beige or Orange available on request


  • Halyards
  • Sheets
  • Guys
  • Control Lines
  • Out/downhauls
  • Runner tails
  • Vang
  • Reefing and furling systems


  • Minimal stretch easy splice 12 plait UHMwPE core
  • 2mm-5mm 8 plait cover provides improved holding in cleats
  • Super hard wearing HT Polyester jacket in smooth plait construction from 6mm+
  • Core treated with Donaghys Bindacoat to minimise slippage
  • High strength with minimal stretch and weight