Tool Hitch


The Dual Arm Tool-Hitch is suitable for heavy ‘open’ tools such as crowbars and sledgehammers.

The Dual Arm Tool-Hitch loops through itself to create a simple yet strong choke. To stop the Tool-Hitch from sliding up and down the tool, secure the two arms using V-Gripp tape.

The tool is then tethered directly to a load rated anchor point via the heavy-duty tool ring on the tail.

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  • Four options allow the tool hitch to be used for virtually every power/heavy tool.
  • Instant application to tools with an enclosed area.
  • No need for additional adhesives or equipment
  • Tactical grade nylon for maximum strength.


  • No Arm – 42cm (H01055)
  • Single Arm – 42cm (H01056)
  • Dual Arm – 42cm (H01057)
  • Heavy Duty – 62cm (H01058)


  • Max Load: 16kg (regular)
  • Max Load: 36kg (Heavy Duty)


  • ANSI/ISEA 121-2018