Traverse Titan Basket Stretcher – Stainless Steel



The Titan Series Basket Stretcher is specifically designed to perform in a technical rescue environment. Its superior design provides a user friendly platform from which to work.  Available in Standard, Split and Wide versions

The unique StratLoad attachment points make it quick, easy and safe to secure the litter bridle and protects the karabiners from wall and rock faces. The 25 mm reinforced, top rail provide reassuring strength in vertical haul or lowering operations as well as being easy to handle during extended periods. Durathene netting allows water and air to easily pass through the patient compartment, yet the small holes keep from snagging debris as easily.


  • Tested to and beyond a 1136 kg (11 kN) static threshold
  • StratLoad Attachment Points to give a secure bridle connection
  • Reinforced 25.4 mm double top tube
  • Comes with 4 steel double bar restraints
  • Durathene netting allows for water and air flow
  • Compatible with any Ferno backboard
  • Tapered feature allows easier access in confined areas
  • Moulded, high density polyethylene back support

Split Version

  • Interlocked, pinless, bottom hinges
  • Integral top rail with threaded collets
  • Completely solid connection between the two parts of the stretcher
  • Assemble or de-assemble in about 15 seconds
  • Made to nest together for storage when split

Options / Specifications

  • Standard
    • Dimensions:  212 x 58 x 18cm
    • Weight:  14kg
    • Load Rating:  1136kg
  • Split
    • Dimensions: 212 x 58 x 18cm
    • Weight:  16.3kg
    • Load Rating:  1136kg
  • Wide
    • Dimensions:  211 x 81 x 18cm
    • Weight:  19.2kg
    • Load Rating:  1136kg