Twin Eye Cable Stockings

For full Technical Specifications

twin eye cable stocking specs PDF



  • Tubular woven covering – ‘open’ design i.e. both ends open with twin eyes at one end.
  • Fit at any distance from the end of the cable.  The design allows the cable to pass clear through.
  • Enables cable to be pulled at either end or at any point along the length of the cable.

Note: Fit this cable stocking prior to attaching any bulky terminations to the hose or cable. It can not be removed once these are applied. Always fit with a thimbled eye to prevent chafing at the load bearing point as it is a permanent component.


  • 6-14mm
  • 14-20mm
  • 20-30mm
  • 30-40mm
  • 40-50mm
  • 50-60mm
  • 60-70mm
  • 70-85mm
  • 85-100mm
  • 100-120mm
  • 120-140mm
  • 140-180mm
  • 180-220mm
  • 220-260mm
  • 260-300mm